Spode match pot

IMG_4734 copy


A rare and unusual Spode match pot with three rows of beading within gilt borders, painted with a scene showing Prince Arthur as a shackled figure in a  prison cell. Prince Arthur was the grandson of  King Henry 2nd and the nephew of  King Richard 1st and so second in line to the English throne. However, Richard, on his deathbed , fearing that  Arthur at the age of 12 was too young for the task appointed his own younger brother  John as King. John saw Arthur as a threat , had him imprisoned and in 1203 murdered at the age of 16. The death of  Prince Arthur forms a vital part of Shakespeare's play 'The Life and Death of King John'

Date: Circa 1820
Height: 4.5 in. 11.5 cm.
Condition: Extremely light surface wear otherwise very good
Item No. 2002